Research & Analysis Bulletins

Our Research & Analysis Bulletins are aimed at all those with an interest in the quality of probation and youth offending services, presenting key findings to assist with informed debate and help drive improvement where it is required.

2021/02 Caseloads, workloads and staffing levels in probation services (PDF, 751 kB), published 19 March 2021

Response from Chief Inspector of Probation: High caseloads/workloads jeopardising the quality of probation delivery and practitioners’ wellbeing

2021/01,Building the evidence base for high-quality probation services: The role of probation providers (PDF, 424 kB), published 19 February 2021

2020/05 Inspecting probation services: a technical review of our standards framework (PDF, 1017 kB), published 22 October 2020

2020/04 The quality of pre-sentence information and advice provided to courts (PDF, 417 kB), published 20 August 2020

2020/03 Tailoring delivery to service users’ needs and strengths (PDF, 573 kB), published 19 June 2020

2020/02 The role of community hubs in helping to deliver probation services and support desistance (PDF, 1 MB), published 18 March 2020

2020/01 Impact of organisational inputs upon the quality of delivery (probation services) (PDF, 667 kB), published 18 February 2020

2019/04 Court disposals managed by Youth Offending Teams: The value of early work in keeping children and other people safe (PDF, 921 kB), published 11 October 2019

2019/03 Service user involvement in the review and improvement of probation services (PDF, 509 kB), published 19 September 2019

2019 02 A Rapid Evidence Assessment on the effectiveness of remote supervision and new technologies in managing probation service users (PDF, 652 kB), published 13 March 2019

2019 01 The availability and delivery of interventions (probation services) (PDF, 1 MB), published 22 January 2019

2018 03 The voices of young people under supervision (findings from the HMI Probation eSurvey) (PDF, 656 kB), published 13 November 2018

2018 02 The quality of public protection work (probation services) (PDF, 1 MB) published 09 October 2018

2018 01 The quality of service user assessment (probation services) (PDF, 422 kB), published 19 September 2018