Academic Insights

Academic Insights are aimed at all those with an interest in the evidence base. We commission leading academics to present their views on specific topics, assisting with informed debate and aiding understanding of what helps and what hinders probation and youth offending services. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the policy position of HM Inspectorate of Probation.

Electronic monitoring in probation practice (PDF, 390 kB), Professor Anthea Hucklesby and Dr Ella Holdsworth, published 16 December 2020

Contextual Safeguarding (PDF, 334 kB), Dr Carlene Firmin, published 05 November 2020

Maximising positive mental health outcomes for people under probation supervision (PDF, 385 kB), Dr Coral Sirdifield and Professor Charlie Brooker, published 13 August 2020

Trauma-informed practice (PDF, 542 kB), Kieran F. McCartan, published 07 July 2020

Building restorative probation services (PDF, 374 kB), Dr Ian D. Marder, published 01 June 2020

Emotional Labour in Probation (PDF, 355 kB), Dr Jake Phillips, Dr Chalen Westaby and Andrew Fowler, published 28 April 2020

Recruitment, training and professional development of probation staff (PDF, 329 kB), Nicola Carr, published 06 February 2020

Innovation and the Evidence Base (PDF, 596 kB), Chris Fox and Kevin Albertson, published 10 January 2020

If reoffending is not the only outcome, what are the alternatives? – Kevin Wong (PDF, 312 kB), published 05 November 2019

Innovation in probation: The Eurobarometer on Experiencing Supervision – Ioan Durnescu (PDF, 891 kB), published 17 October 2019

Supervision Skills for Probation Practitioners – Peter Raynor (PDF, 180 kB), published Friday 30 August 2019

International Human Rights Standards and Youth Justice – Barry Goldson (PDF, 194 kB), published Wednesday 10 July 2019

A Model for Resettlement Based on the Principles of Desistance and Recovery – David Best (PDF, 263 kB), published Thursday 06 June 2019

European Probation Rules – Rob Canton (PDF, 367 kB), published 0800, Wednesday 20 March 2019

Reconciling ‘Desistance’ and ‘What Works’ – Shadd Maruna & Ruth Mann (PDF, 794 kB), published, 0900 Wednesday 13 February 2019