Diversity and inclusion

HM Inspectorate of Probation does not strive for diversity and inclusion in all that is does because it is required to do so under the public sector equality duty, but because it is the right thing to do. We want an environment where all staff are welcome and are supported to achieve their potential and where staff feel safe and confident to challenge and contribute to the work we do on diversity and inclusion. We want a staff group that can represent others through personal experience and that understand the world of probation and/or youth justice both from a staff but also a service user perspective. We are a stronger organisation when we achieve these things.

HMI Probation Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-2022 (PDF, 2 MB)

Welsh Language Scheme

In accordance with the Welsh Language Act 1993, HMI Probation has adopted the principle that in the conduct of its inspections in Wales, it will treat the Welsh and English languages on a basis of equality. HM Inspectorate of Probation has a Welsh Language Scheme which sets out how we deliver services in Welsh. This was approved by the Welsh Language Board on 04 May 2011.

Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg (PDF, 146 kB)

Welsh Language Scheme (PDF, 118 kB)

Each year we submit a report on our progress:

Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg – Adroddiad Monitro Blynyddol 2020 (PDF, 191 kB)

Welsh Language Scheme Annual Report 2020 (PDF, 184 kB)

Cynllun-Iaith-Gymraeg-–-Adroddiad-Monitro-Blynyddol-2019 (PDF, 197 kB)

Welsh-Language-Scheme-Annual-Report-2019 (PDF, 174 kB)

Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg – Adroddiad Monitro Blynyddol 2018 fersiwn ddwyieithog (PDF, 114 kB)

Language Scheme – Annual Report 2018 – bilingual version (PDF, 114 kB)

Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg – Adroddiad Monitro Blynyddol 2017 (PDF, 120 kB)

Language Scheme – Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 106 kB)