Effective practice guide: Middle managers – professional curiosity insights (adult services)

Effective practice guide: Middle managers – professional curiosity insights guide (adult services) October 2022 (PDF, 1 MB)

This insights guide is designed for middle managers to help them consider how they can create a culture that enables and promotes professional curiosity. It is designed as a supplement to the practitioner insights guide, which explores what professional curiosity is, why it is important, errors, bias and barriers that impede its use, and how you can mitigate these. It also highlights themes where a lack of professional curiosity has impacted on the quality of case supervision. Both guides share case illustrations where the use of professional curiosity has improved quality.

This is not designed to be read as a report. Instead, we encourage you, and practitioners, to dip in and out of the guides and to use them as a tool for continuous professional development for you and your team.

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