Investigation into the policy and process followed by the victim contact scheme in the Worboys case

The Secretary of State for Justice asked H.M. Chief Inspector of Probation to carry out a rapid fact-finding exercise to confirm the contact that took place between the NPS and the victims involved in this case and offer a view on whether this conformed with existing legislative provisions, policy and practice guidance. The Secretary of State indicated that the Chief inspector may also wish to make recommendations as to how this policy and practice guidance might be improved as the Ministry of Justice takes forward a broader policy review in this area.

The report was published on Wednesday 07 February 2018 at 0930hrs. The following link will direct you to where the report is published on the Ministry of Justice pages on

A report into the contact that took place between the National Probation Service and the victims involved in the case of John Worboys and within scope of the Victim Contact Scheme