Resettlement Provision for Adult Offenders: Accommodation, Education Training and Employment

A Joint Thematic Review by HM Inspectorate of Prisons, HM Inspectorate of Probation and Ofsted. 

The above report was published on 16 September 2014. The primary aim of this report is to inform the development of new services under Transforming Rehabilitation by examining the effectiveness of existing arrangements to help offenders obtain suitable and sustainable accommodation and education, training and employment (ETE) on release as part of wider resettlement provision.

The report follows a cohort of 80 offenders from prison Through the Gate into the community and identifies their accommodation and occupation status shortly before release and on release.

HM Inspectorate of Probation contributed to the inspection by interviewing around 75 offender managers and about 60 offenders one month and then six months after their release. Fieldwork took place at four probation trusts (London, Northumbria, Avon & Somerset and Leicestershire & Rutland) and these were selected according to where the largest proportion of offenders in our sample had been released. Interviews with strategic and operational managers with responsibility for accommodation and ETE services also took place and there was a review of relevant documentation, including policies and service level agreements.

The majority of interviews with offender managers and offenders were undertaken by several inspection staff by phone. It involved a support service officer coordinating over 120 individual interviews with 23 probation trusts.

The key finding of the report was the role of family and friends in the rehabilitation of offenders. More than half the offenders in our cohort returned home or moved in with family and friends on release, even if this was only a temporary measure. The few who had a job on release had mainly arranged this with the help of previous employers, family or friends.

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