Expressions of Interest

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Welcome to the Expressions of Interest page.

Here you will find useful information about the relevant roles and how to sign up for vacancy notifications for HM Inspectors and HM Assistant Inspectors.

How to register your interest

Expressions of Interest:

You can subscribe to our mailing list and be notified of new opportunities to join us as an HM Inspector or an HM Assistant Inspector.

Please email your name, email address and the position you are interested in (for example, HM Inspector or HM Assistant Inspector) to (E-mail address).

For data protection purposes, we only require the above details and no other information is requested, or will be held.

Our vacancy requirements are determined by business needs, so please don’t worry if you do not hear from us immediately after registering. We will be in touch the next time we recruit.

Working for the Inspectorate

What makes a good inspector?

When we recruit an inspector, we’re looking for three key things. Firstly, we need people with experience. Secondly, people skills so that they can build rapport with services and be a good representative and, thirdly, we need curiosity – people who are curious about how other services do things, are keen to learn and take things back to their own home organisations.

Why consider working for the Inspectorate?

A secondment with the Inspectorate is a great way to develop your career and to develop your own organisation as well. You’ll get work on a wide range of inspections across England and Wales and take that knowledge back to your organisation and for your own learning as well.