Youth Inspection Programmes

Our current inspection programme, Inspection of Youth Offending Work, consists of two main performance inspection elements – the Full Joint Inspection (FJI), predominantly but not exclusively focusing on those YOTs performing less well, and Short Quality Screening (SQS). Each YOT can expect either at least one FJI or SQS, or to be included in a thematic inspection, in a five year period.


Inspection of youth offending work

This is our current youth offending inspection programme. Click the link for details.


Previous youth offending inspection programmes

Click for information on our previous youth offending inspection work including Core Case Inspection and Youth Offending Team Inspection programmes.


Inspecting outside England and Wales

From time to time, at the invitation of the relevant authority, HMI Probation carries out an inspection of youth offending work outside England and Wales.

Reports of inspections outside England and Wales are available.