Thematic inspection work by HM Inspectorate of Probation is carried out solely by us or jointly with other criminal justice organisations and other inspectorates. The latter comes under the remit of the Criminal Justice Joint Inspection Programme. We have worked closely with the other Criminal Justice Inspectorates to produce Joint Inspection Programmes each year since 2007.

For each inspection we look at a specific area of work and make a detailed examination of practice as well as the strategic leadership and partnership arrangements that support such work. Every inspection report contains recommendations for improvement, and forms part of the Criminal Justice Joint Inspection Business Plan.

Some thematic work focuses just on adult offending work, some of it solely on youth offending work, and some on both.

We also contribute to joint inspections and other inspection activity led by other Criminal Justice Inspectorates.

Recent thematic inspections

For a list of our published thematic inspection reports since 2006, please use our reports search.

Thematic inspection reports published prior to 2006 are at theĀ National Archives website.

Criminal Justice Joint Inspection Business Plan

You can find the latest version of the CJJI Business Plan on the CJJI website here.