Approved Premises – Consultation

HM Inspectorate of Probation is holding a series of consultations around its plans to launch a programme of approved premises (AP) inspections.

Approved premises play a key role in the provision of Probation Services, offering an enhanced level of public protection in the community and supporting the resettlement and rehabilitation of individuals who have committed serious offences.

Our consultation on the inspection of approved premises

In this consultation, we are asking people with experience working in the Probation Service or approved premises for views on our proposed standards for AP inspections and how we plan to deliver them. Our aim is to focus on the things that make a difference to the quality of work in APs, aligning strategic activity with frontline delivery to residents.

Download our consultation document here (PDF, 461 kB).

We are asking you to review our plans and respond to 13 questions that will help shape an approach that best provides reassurance and drives improvement across APs.

Consultation questions

Please read the consultation document for the relevant information before answering the questions below. (PDF, 461 kB)

Question 1 – Should HM Inspectorate of Probation inspect APs?

Question 2 – Is our overall focus on protecting the public and promoting rehabilitation in a safe environment the right approach to take?

Question 3 – Is it right that we focus on delivering in a safe and decent environment?

Question 4 – Does the standards framework cover the key areas that contribute to the effective service delivery of an AP? If not, what is missing?

Question 5 – Are any of the proposed prompts insufficiently linked to effective service delivery? If so, which ones?

Question 6 – Are any of the proposed prompts insufficiently precise? If so, which ones?

Question 7 – Should any parts of the standards framework be weighted more heavily within the ratings system? If so, which parts?

Question 8 – Is there anything in our proposed standards or the way we suggest we will rate APs that you think could lead to undesirable behaviours, outputs, or outcomes? If so, please tell us.

Question 9 – Does the way we are proposing to rate APs make sense? Is it fair?

Question 10 – How soon after an inspection should we expect to see improvement action taken?

Question 11 – Should our inspections be unannounced?

Question 12 – What are the benefits and drawbacks of publishing a report and recommendations for each AP?

Question 13 – What are the alternatives to publishing a report and recommendations for each AP?

This consultation will close at 23.59 on 21 July 2024. We welcome your views on the details of our proposals and hope you will take the opportunity to respond.

Please email responses to (E-mail address)