Our Reports

HMCPSI has today published its Inspection Handbook. The handbook explains the principles and methodology used by Inspectors when conducting an inspection, from the planning stage through to the publication of the final report.

Published: 01 February 2021

This report provides a cross-system view of how the criminal justice system reacted in the immediate aftermath of the first national Covid-19 lockdown (23 March to 10 May 2020), and of how the system has managed since.

Published: 19 January 2021

Between October 2019 and February 2020, we inspected the police and Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) responses to pre-charge bail changes and the use of released under investigation (RUI).

Published: 11 December 2020

This inspection is a follow-up to one we reported on in January 2020, looking at the CPS’s handling of the disclosure of unused material in the Crown Court.

Published: 01 December 2020

This inspection focuses on the controls the CPS has in place to make sure that case information is managed securely and appropriately.

Published: 12 November 2020

This inspection looks at the effectiveness of the CPS’s communication with victims of crime. It is a follow-up to an inspection report published in November 2018 on the same topic.

Published: 22 October 2020

This inspection assesses how much confidence the public can have in the CPS to deliver high quality, effective, fair and timely charging decisions.

Published: 29 September 2020

This report is the first stage of looking at how the organisations we inspect have responded during the global COVID-19 pandemic. It looks at the SFO’s response during the period of lockdown from 16 March to 8 May.

Published: 30 July 2020

This report covers our inspection activity for the year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020.

Published: 14 July 2020

This report looks at the CPS’s response during the period of lockdown from 16 March to 8 May, when movement was extremely limited. The decisions made during this period were, in some instances, a matter of life and death.

Published: 30 June 2020