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Please note that we are not able to deal with individual cases. If you have a query or complaint about a CPS case you must contact the Crown Prosecution Service.

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HMCPSI London Office:
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Complaints and misconduct

Complaints about the CPS/SFO

HMCPSI does not have a remit to investigate or resolve individual complaints about the organisations it inspects (CPS/SFO).

Any complaint about these organisations need to be directed the organisations themselves. For more details on their complaint process:



   1. Complaints about our reports

All of HMCPSI’s inspection reports go through a process of consultation prior to publication. This is a process whereby the inspected organisation(s) are able to highlight any factual inaccuracies – this process does not allow the inspected organisation to influence findings or conclusions unless these are based on factual inaccuracies.

For joint inspections with other Criminal Justice Inspectorates the lead Inspectorate will manage this consultation.

It is therefore expected that any complaint about our reports will be picked up by this process. However if you have a complaint about our reports please follow the process below.

   2. Complaints about HMCSPI staff

HMCPSI staff aim to carry out their work to the highest professional standard. This includes handling complaints carefully in an open and courteous way by investigating the matters raised thoroughly and replying as quickly as possible.

How to submit a complaint

  • Complaints should be set out in writing to the Chief Inspector within twenty working days of the incident/publication of the report, with any supporting evidence attached.
  • HMCPSI will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five working days.
  • A senior member of HMCPSI staff who has no direct connection with the matter will consider the complaint and investigate if appropriate.
  • HMCPSI will usually provide a written response to the complainant within twenty working days.
  • Where the matter is too complex to be dealt with within this timescale, or it requires further investigation, the complainant will be informed and given a date by which they will receive a full response.
  • The final decision concerning the complaint rests with the Chief Inspector and there is no formal appeal process against this decision. It is of course open for complainants who are unhappy with the result of their complaint to raise the matter with Ministers or local Members of Parliament.

Please address all correspondence to:

HM Chief Inspector, HMCPSI

One Kemble Street,



Alternatively, you can email with your complaint.