Montenegrin visitors to HMCPSI

Judicial officials from Montenegro paid a visit to HMCPSI, as part of their programme of visits to different criminal justice agencies to further their knowledge on how the different agencies worked in the UK.

Twelve officials, which included representatives from the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court and State Prosecution Office, met with Deputy Chief Inspector Asker Husain who explained the inspection process. The aim of the visit was to identify how the inspection process helps to promote excellence within criminal justice agencies, and how it helps in improving public confidence.

Deputy Chief Inspector Asker Husain said:

“It was a pleasure to meet the Montenegrin delegates, and it is gratifying that foreign delegates are coming to us to find out more about our work.

“The main aim of their visit was for delegates to find out how the inspection process works, so that they could better understand how this provides assurance regarding prosecuting authorities, such as the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Fraud Office.

“I described how we undertook different types of inspections – explaining the process which they all seemed very interested in. It will be interesting to note if, in due course, any of our structures are replicated in Montenegro.”

The judicial services in the region are currently going through a great change, as a raft of new legislation has been implemented for the country to successfully become part of the European Union. As part of this process, there has been growing concern over the demands and expectations on senior managers to deliver on government policy and EU requirements. Therefore, the Montenegrin visitors were meeting with a range of criminal justice agencies including the CPS and other Criminal Justice agencies to find out how UK agencies worked together in leading their teams effectively.

Montenegrin delegation April 2016

DCI Asker Husain with delegates from the Montenegrin criminal justice system