HMCPSI Inspector attends skills event for Year 10 students

HMCPSI Inspector Jay Sarmotta attended a voluntary event organised by 15billionEBP, working on employability skills with students from East London.

HMCPSI Inspector Jay Sarmotta gives talk at skills event for East London students

HMCPSI Inspector Jay Sarmotta gives talk at skills event for East London students

15billionEBP is a voluntary organisation, and have been working for over 25 years on career related programmes with schools, employers and young people.

Jay was involved in two sessions involving Year 10 students from a small independent faith based school in Forest Gate – Quwwat-Ul-Islam Girls’ School. These were the employability skills workshop and the business challenge finale.

Here Jay explains his role during the workshops:

“The first workshop was the ‘Employability Skills Workshop’ which I think the students found really useful.

“The workshop provided students with an introduction to the job application process. The sessions focussed on relevant themes including the importance of first impressions, identifying skills and qualities, constructing an effective CV/application form and general interview techniques.

“I was allocated to a table of students and assisted them with a series of short interactive activities around each of the topics outlined. I also shared details about my current job role, and gave hints and tips to my own career/education pathway”.

“The second session I was involved with was the ‘Business Challenge Finale’. This session was a culmination of a project which began with a workshop at London City Airport earlier in the week. Students had to develop a presentation that proposes a new flight path for London City Airport. In pulling together their presentation, students were asked to consider the ‘business case’ for a new flight path and put forward a considered and professional proposal. My role was to help judge the presentations both in regards to content and delivery. Certificates were awarded to the top teams.

“I found the day an enjoyable experience and most of the students were really keen to hear what it was like working for the Civil Service and the work that we do at HMCPSI.

“I was really impressed at the level of detail the student had put into their business cases for the City Airport project and their presentation skills were excellent so selecting a winner was a very difficult task!”