In operation since 2000

HMCPSI is among the longest standing, most experienced and expert inspectorates of prosecution services anywhere in the world. Our expertise and insight are highly sought after by inspectorates in other jurisdictions who want to increase their impact on the organisations they inspect.

By sharing our expertise with other inspectorates, we hope to help improve public trust in prosecution services the world over.

We share our expertise by special arrangement with other interested inspectorates. These arrangements usually take the form of exchanges, where representatives of both inspectorates visit each other’s jurisdictions to spend time with their counterparts and observe how things are done.


Experience shared with 20 countriesIf you are interested in arranging an exchange, please contact us.

“Our discussions were very productive and I am convinced that regular exchanges between our two Services … can only succeed in improving the tools and working methods we use to achieve our shared objective of ensuring the effective administration of justice in our two countries.”
Christian Raysséguier, Inspecteur Générale des Services Judiciaires, France

Supporting other jurisdictions

We have a strong track record of forming successful working relationships with other inspectorates and those responsible for prosecutions.

  • Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJINI): since 2004, when the Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland invited us to help evaluate the pilot for a statutory independent prosecution service, our inspectors have regularly worked on CJINI inspections of the work of the Public Prosecution Service.
  • Service Prosecuting Authority (SPA): since 2006, the SPA has invited us several times to inspect the quality and standards of legal decision making.
  • Inspecteur Générale des Services Judiciaires (IGdSJ): from 2005 to 2009, French inspectors joined a number of our inspections to learn more about how inspection operates in England and Wales. Our inspectors also observed the French inspectorate’s processes and systems, with the aim of helping to develop systems to effectively support a wider range of inspections. We produced a number of consultancy reports, which IGdSJ used to change their approach to inspection.
  • Punjab Prosecution Service: from 2013 to 2015, we worked with Ministers and senior officials in Pakistan on the role of inspection in the criminal justice system. The work helped develop an inspection process for the Punjab Prosecution Service.
  • Albanian Office of the High Inspector of Justice: in 2022 the High Inspector of Justice in Albania approached us to help with training on how to conduct independent inspection of prosecuting authorities. We developed and delivered a training package on the principles of independent inspection and our methodology in thematic, geographical and joint inspections.

Hosted visits

We have also shared our expertise and experience with a large number of countries by hosting delegations of inspectors or officials.