Complex Casework Units

Date of publication
02 March 2021
Participating inspectorate
HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
Crown Prosecution Service
Inspection type
CPS Themed Reports

Complex Casework Units inspection report (658 kB)

This inspection examined the effectiveness and efficiency of CPS Complex Casework Units in identifying and managing their casework.

There is a Complex Casework Unit in each of the 14 CPS Areas (with the exception of the two London Areas, which share a unit). These units are responsible for some of the most serious and complicated casework the CPS prosecutes. As well as deciding which cases should be prosecuted and the most appropriate charges, they have an important role in providing early investigative advice to the police before any decision is made about charges.

Complex Casework Units must operate effectively; if they do not, the implications are significant for both the CPS and the general public.

To determine their effectiveness and efficiency, we inspected six Complex Casework Units: two in large Areas, two in medium sized Areas and two in small Areas. In each unit, the inspection comprised a combination of file analysis, document review and fieldwork interviews.