Area Inspection Programme for CPS East Midlands

Date of publication
13 October 2022
Participating inspectorate
HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
Inspection category
Area Inspection
CPS Region
East Midlands
Inspection type
CPS Areas and Headquarters Reports

Area Inspection Programme: CPS East Midlands baseline assessment (4 MB)

File Examination Data East Midlands AIP (75 kB)

As part of our Area Inspection Programme, we are assessing all 14 CPS Areas against a consistent inspection framework over a 24-month period.

A common theme from the 2016-19 Area Assurance Programme, and from more recent thematic inspections, is the need for the CPS to improve aspects of casework quality. Our inspection framework for the Area Inspection Programme, therefore, is wholly based on assessing casework quality.

This baseline assessment report sets out our findings from CPS East Midlands.