HMCPSI Business plan 2024 - 2025

HMCPSI has a statutory duty to independently inspect the work of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). Our work is fundamental to improving the criminal justice system and help maintain public trust.

Our annual business plan for 2024/25 sets out our strategic priorities and the work we expect to do this year. This programme of inspection focuses our efforts in several key areas, including CPS Area inspections, the quality of the CPS’s legal decision assurance system and handling of rape and serious sexual offences cases, the breadth of the work we will carry out this year will help drive improvement. We are also undertaking an inspection by invitation of the Service Prosecuting Authority, using our experience of inspection and our ability in assessing legal decision making to spread best practice to others who prosecute.


To achieve our goals, we will work closely with our criminal justice partner inspectorates, engage with key stakeholders in the criminal justice system, and ensure our recommendations are implemented.


HMCPSI Business Plan 2024-25 (291 kB)