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New report finds significant improvement in SFO governance arrangements, though some issues still need to be resolved A new HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate report has found that the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has achieved a fundamental shift in leadership and direction in the past four years The report, released today, looked at whether SFO […]

This inspection was carried out to evaluate whether the SFO structures, procedures, leadership, accountability and direction are effective and efficient, and provide the strategic direction needed to achieve its intended outcome for stakeholders. Inspectors found that there has been a positive transformational change to the direction and purpose of the SFO led by the Director […]

Judicial officials from Montenegro paid a visit to HMCPSI, as part of their programme of visits to different criminal justice agencies to further their knowledge on how the different agencies worked in the UK. Twelve officials, which included representatives from the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court and State Prosecution Office, met with Deputy Chief […]

Historically, files were transferred between the police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the courts and the defence on paper. This resulted in delays and substantial storage costs. Information was regularly duplicated, and there was a risk of information being lost or disclosed to the wrong people. Digitisation of the processes is essential if the criminal […]

CI Kevin McGinty speech at University of Salford

HMCPSI welcomed a notable visitor from Macedonia on Friday 4 March.  Mr Nikola Prokopenko, who heads up the Criminal and Civil Law Unit, Department of Judiciary and Ministry of Justice in Macedonia visited HMCPSI as part of his 6 week visit to the UK, during which he wanted to gain an overview of the UK legal […]

Jeff Lill the HMCPSI Lead Inspector on Hate Crime delivered the keynote speech at the Combating Hate Crime Conference in London on Tuesday 1 March 2016. “Handling Disability Hate Crime in the Criminal Justice System’, addressed the complex factors that impact on disability hate crime, including under reporting.  Whilst there are an estimated 62,000 incidents […]

CPS leading the Transforming Summary Justice initiative An HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate report published today has found that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is making a positive early contribution to the Transforming Summary Justice (TSJ) initiative, which was adopted by all criminal justice agencies in June 2015. The report also warned that focus needed […]

The Transforming Summary Justice Initiative was adopted by all criminal justice agencies from June 2015. Its aim is to reform the way that criminal cases are handled in the magistrates’ courts, and to create a swifter system with reduced delay and fewer hearings. If it is successful, it will reduce the amount of distress that […]

“In times when resources are stretched, and there are serious public concerns over child sexual exploitation and other aspects of criminality, within an increasingly complex criminal justice system, the role of open and transparent inspection remains vital.” Jonathan Carver, senior inspector at HMCPSI, spoke candidly on 5 February 2016 to Portsmouth University Institute of Criminal […]