Inspection Reports

July 2021

This is the first of two reports that consider the response, decision-making and effectiveness of the police and CPS at every stage of a rape case.

Published: 16 July 2021

An independent review of neurodiversity in the criminal justice system, commissioned by the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

Published: 15 July 2021

June 2021

The Criminal Justice Chief Inspectors’ Group (CJCIG) has finalised its business plan 2021/23

Published: 21 June 2021

January 2021

This report provides a cross-system view of how the criminal justice system reacted in the immediate aftermath of the first national Covid-19 lockdown (23 March to 10 May 2020), and of how the system has managed since. The cumulative impact on the system of the sweeping changes wrought by Covid-19 necessity is both clear and […]

Published: 19 January 2021

February 2020

A programme originally set up to tackle persistent offenders has “lost its way” and better leadership is needed.

Published: 28 February 2020

January 2020

HMCPSI and HMICFRS have published a joint report on evidence led domestic abuse cases

Published: 23 January 2020

October 2019

Children and young people released from young offender institutions are getting too little support in the community and are being “set up to fail”.

Published: 08 October 2019

August 2019

This plan sets out the inspections of the Criminal Justice System for 2019/21 in which two or more of our inspectorates will be working together.

Published: 21 August 2019

A joint inspection by HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Prisons.

Published: 08 August 2019

May 2019

This plan set out the proposed programme of inspections of the Criminal Justice System for 2019/20 and invited comments. This consultation is closed.

Published: 14 May 2019