Earlier sections of this evidence resource cover the research evidence underpinning effective case supervision and delivery in relation to specific offending-related needs. Attention now turns to a range of differing types of delivery, covering the work of probation in supporting the courts, communicating with victims, delivering specific sentence requirements, and in working with prisons, the police, electronic monitoring providers, and other partners/agencies.

The importance of strong multi-agency working, with effective communication and systematic exchanging of information, is clearly set out. Through such working, delivery can be sufficiently aligned, holistic and sequenced, supporting the desistance of individual service users and the safety of other people at key stages of the criminal justice process.

Cyclical reads 'probation' in the centre with 'Courts, police, prison service, other partners/authorities, electronic monitoring providers, and victims' in a surrounding ring.

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Last updated: 17 May 2021