Our position statements detail for the public, government, parliament and providers our view on matters where we need to take a stance. In them we state our considered position on delivery and practice issues. They are based on evidence including the best available research, inspection reports, our own standards and professional experience and expertise.

In reaching our position statements we draw on relevant provisions and clauses including legislation, international rules, National Standards, contracts and SLAs. We set out those standards that are relevant to the position statement. We consider relevant agency and policy guidance.

Minimum contact with offenders

National Standards moved probation practice to a model of professional judgement and simply stated that purposeful contact is made with the offender promptly after order commencement/release on licence and required that the sentence plan is implemented.

The current National Standards (2015) maintain this approach and do not specify minimum contact levels.

Minimum contact – probation (PDF, 705.41 kB)