Rules and guidance

These documents are the rules and guidance that assist inspectors to make their judgements against our standards. Domain one looks at the organisational delivery (leadership, staff, services, information and facilities). The rules and guidance documents for domains two and three are for our inspectors when assessing cases.

Probation inspection domain one RaG v4.0 (PDF, 919.23 kB)

Probation inspection domain two CARaG v2.5 (PDF, 937.79 kB)

Probation inspection domain three CARaG v2.4 (PDF, 891.65 kB)

Guidance manual

To assist the services that we inspect we have produced a guidance manual. It provides an overview and details all the stages of an inspection, including what happens before, during and after an inspection. It also details how we report our findings.

Probation Guidance Manual (External) v3 December 2018 (PDF, 1.03 MB)

Case samples

The cases we assess are selected according to certain criteria. We request a list of cases based on specific requirements. The case sample specification documents below outline what those requirements are for both CRC and NPS inspections.

Probation NPS Case Sample Specification v0.3 final (Document, 240.50 kB)

Probation NPS Case Sample Specification Reports and Allocations v0.5 final (Document, 235.50 kB)

Probation NPS Case Sample Specifications Statutory Victim Contact v0.5 final (Document, 42.24 kB)

Probation CRC Case Sample Specification v0.3 final (Document, 240.00 kB)

Probation CRC Case Sample Specification Through the Gate v0.5 final (Document, 42.19 kB)

Probation CRC Case Sample Specification Unpaid Work v0.5 final (Document, 44.63 kB)

Project plan

For each inspection we produce a project plan. This enables both us and the service we are inspecting to keep track of milestones and tasks.

Probation External Project Plan v1.3 190818 (PDF, 235.20 kB)

Action plan

After each inspection we require the service to produce an action plan based on our recommendations. We require the following template to be completed.

Probation Action Plan template v2 (Document, 158.66 kB)