Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback to the consultation about our new leadership Expectations. We have chosen to strengthen our inspection in this area because we believe the quality of leadership is one of the most important factors in driving improvement and ensuring better outcomes for prisoners. We want to use our reports to encourage effective leadership practices and to stimulate more thought, dialogue and training about leadership within HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS). In our Expectations, the term ‘leader’ refers to anyone with management responsibility, from a first line manager up to the Chief Executive of HMPPS.

The leadership Expectations were generally well-received by our stakeholders. We have made some small drafting changes but the structure of four generic leadership practices which enable organisations to perform well remains unchanged.

Read our leadership Expectations for men’s prisons.

Read our leadership Expectations for women’s prisons.

Read our leadership Expectations for children’s establishments.

Read our leadership Expectations for the Military Corrective Training Centre.

Some respondents were keen for us to score leadership, but we consider that this new methodology should be fully embedded before we consider that option. Other feedback revealed anxiety about how the leadership Expectations would be used and our implementation phase has included activities designed to address this, including:

  • A series of online briefing presentations and circulation of the presentation slides to senior HMPPS leaders, Prison Group Directors (PGDs) and governors. Read the presentation slides (161 kB).
  • A ‘frequently asked questions’ document. Read the frequently asked questions (154 kB).
  • Information on how to complete the self-assessment report (SAR) which is part of our leadership inspection methodology. View the self-assessment report template (175 kB).
  • Training for HMI Prisons staff.
  • Six pilot inspections where leadership has been inspected, but our judgements on leadership have not been included in the published report.

All prison inspections announced from 19 July 2021 will include leadership and the associated reports will include a new dedicated leadership section.