The welfare of children is promoted and they are protected from all kinds of harm and neglect during escort.

6. Children are properly protected during all stages of a removal. All staff safeguard and promote their welfare.

The following indicators describe evidence that may show this expectation being met. They do not exclude other ways of achieving it.

  • A comprehensive child protection policy and guidance are in place, which have been agreed by the local safeguarding children board or equivalent.
  • All staff are aware of their personal and professional duty of care to any children, and receive appropriate training.
  • Staff promptly raise any concerns about the safety and welfare of children in accordance with agreed referral procedures.
  • All staff who have contact with children are properly vetted and trained.
  • Staff are aware of their duty to raise legitimate concerns about the conduct of colleagues in relation to the treatment and management of children. Staff are encouraged by managers to raise any such concerns, and feel confident and safe to do so.
  • If any detainee claims to be under 18 before or during any part of the removal, they are referred immediately to the Home Office for advice.

Human rights standards

Safeguarding children
In relation to expectation 6 above: For human rights standards relating to the safeguarding of children, see CRC 3, 33–37; CPT 10; UNHCR–DG 9.2.