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Inspectors found many positive features in custody suites across the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) area, including clear overall governance and generally well-trained staff.

HMP/YOI Swinfen Hall in Staffordshire, holding 530 males aged between 18 and 28, was found by inspectors to have improved in some respects, and to have committed and hard-working staff. However, all areas of prison life were adversely affected by a poor regime.

HMP Lowdham Grange, a training prison in Nottinghamshire holding many men serving very long sentences, was found by inspectors to be a “mostly respectful” jail with reasonably good rehabilitation work.

HMP/YOI Isis in south east London was assessed by inspectors as having become a more respectful prison over two years, with an encouraging change of culture under the current governor.

Court custody facilities across North and West Yorkshire were found to be well run with a “harmonious” relationship between the government agencies and private contractor running the service.

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons has renewed his call for an independent assessment as to how HMP Birmingham, one of Britain’s biggest jails, descended into appalling, chaotic conditions in just 18 months.

Management of Operation Majestic, a regular escorted immigration removal flight from the UK to Nigeria and Ghana, had improved following inspectors’ criticism of previous flights, according to Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons.

Peterborough men’s prison has much good practice to share with the wider service but was found by inspectors to have become less safe over the last three years because of the ravages of drugs and violence.

An independent inspection of Maghaberry Prison has revealed ‘significant progress’ has been made creating a safer, more settled environment for prisoners and staff, three years after the high security facility was described as unsafe and unstable.

HMP Send, a closed training prison for women, including many high-risk offenders, was found by inspectors to have kept up high standards of safety, respectful treatment and rehabilitation and release planning.