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Styal women’s prison in Cheshire remained safe and respectful, inspectors found, but faced the challenges of staffing shortages and an increase in lower-level violence as a result of frustrations with COVID-19 restrictions.

Published: 12 January 2022

Inspectors who visited the heavily overcrowded, vermin-infested HMP Wandsworth men’s prison in September 2021 concluded that a reduction of 300 in the population, and dynamic work by the governor, had prevented it from being overwhelmed by its many challenges.

Published: 06 January 2022

Inspectors who visited HMP Manchester found a greater sense of order and calm than in the past and a governor who was trying to transform the culture of the prison to support the rehabilitation of long-term prisoners.

Published: 21 December 2021

Conditions for migrants detained on the Kent coast after arriving in small boats remain very poor despite Home Office assurances that it would make significant improvements, according to prisons inspectors and independent monitors.

Published: 16 December 2021

HMP Woodhill was found by inspectors to be struggling with problems including high violence and use of force by staff, and a restricted daily regime for many prisoners, with poor access to work and education.

Published: 14 December 2021

Kent Police has improved its custody services, but further changes are needed to ensure the safety of detainees, a new report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) and HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMI Prisons) has found.

Published: 09 December 2021

Inspectors who visited HMP Erlestoke, a men’s prison in Wiltshire, in August 2021 found that it had had failed to address problems of safety, poor living conditions and a lack of meaningful activity which had been identified in previous inspections.

Published: 07 December 2021

HM Young Offender Institution (YOI) Brinsford, a prison in the West Midlands holding 466 mostly young men, was found by inspectors to offer a poor daily regime with many prisoners locked in cells for up to 23 hours a day with little meaningful activity.

Published: 30 November 2021

HMP & YOI Chelmsford in Essex was found by inspectors to have experienced high levels of violence, self-inflicted death and self-harm. The prison was also characterised by overcrowding, piled up rubbish and a persistent rat infestation.

Published: 24 November 2021

Cookham Wood Young Offenders Institution (YOI), holding 87 children aged from 15 to 18 in Kent, was found by inspectors to have remained insufficiently good for safety, care and rehabilitation and release planning.

Published: 16 November 2021