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Inspectors found a healthy culture among custody staff in Thames Valley courts, and senior managers who wanted to improve outcomes for detainees.

Dovegate Therapeutic Prison (TP) in Staffordshire, which holds 200 men from across the prison service undergoing intensive programmes to reduce the risk they pose, was found by inspectors to be an impressive institution.

HMP Wandsworth in south London was found by inspectors to be one of the most overcrowded jails in England and Wales and filled with many men with drug or mental health problems receiving poor training and education.

In the year 2017–18 prison inspectors documented some of the most disturbing jail conditions they had ever seen, according to Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons.

HMP Oakwood, one of the largest prisons in the country, was found by inspectors to be an “impressive institution” despite dealing with problems of drugs and violence and a large population of men, 60% of whom posed a serious risk of harm.

Inspectors found a mix of “positive and negative features” in the treatment of 34 people escorted from the UK to Pakistan on a Home Office-chartered immigration removal flight.

People taken into custody by Thames Valley Police were held in generally clean and well-maintained cells and were treated respectfully, inspectors found. Staff dealt well with many challenging detainees.

HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes – where a “staggering” total of 19 men had taken their lives in seven years – was found by inspectors to be struggling to sustain improvement in care for vulnerable prisoners.

An X-ray body scanner being piloted at HMP Belmarsh in south-east London resulted in the discovery of weapons, mobile phones and drugs on prisoners and contributed toward a reduction in drugs-fuelled violence, prisons inspectors found.

HMP & YOI Low Newton was found by inspectors to have an “immensely complex” female population, ranging from those remanded by courts across a wide geographical area to prisoners serving very long, often indeterminate sentences.