HM Chief Inspector of Prisons' Annual Report 2016-17

On 18 July, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke published his second annual report. The report highlights the findings from 86 individual inspection reports on prisons, police custody suites, immigration removal centres and other custodial establishments that were published during 2016-17.

HMCI Prisons Peter Clarke warned that prison reform will not succeed unless the violence and prevalence of drugs in jail are addressed and prisoners are unlocked for more of the working day.

Peter Clarke said:

“Why have so many of our jails become unsafe? Many of the reasons have been well documented. The prevalence of drugs inside prisons and the seeming inability to keep them out has been a major factor. Debt, bullying and self-segregation by prisoners looking to escape the violence generated by the drugs trade are commonplace. This has all been compounded by staffing levels in many jails that are simply too low to keep order and run a decent regime that allows prisoners to be let out of their cells to get to training and education and have access to basic facilities.”

To read the Annual Report 2016-17, click here.