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Announced inspection of HMP Chelmsford (9-13 July 2007)

Full announced inspection of HMP The Verne (6-10 August 2007)

Summary of Questionnaires and Interviews (22 October 2008)

Summary of Questionnaires and Interviews (1 July 2008)

Unannounced follow-up inspections of the five short-term holding facilities at Heathrow Terminals and Queen’s Building (2-4 July 2007)

Unannounced full follow-up inspection of Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre (18-22 June 2007)

Announced inspection of HMP Channings Wood (2-6 July 2007)

The mental health of prisoners: a thematic review of the care and support of prisoners with mental health needs (October 2007)

Announced inspection of HMP/YOI Elmley (11-15 December 2006)

Criminal Justice Joint Inspection Business Plan for 2007-08