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Unannounced inspection of HMP Holme House (19–30 August 2013)

Joint unannounced inspection visit to police custody suites in Devon and Cornwall (22–30 October 2013)

A joint inspection of the treatment of offenders with learning disabilities within the criminal justice system – phase 1 from arrest to sentence. A Joint Inspection by HMI Probation, HMI Constabulary, HM Crown Prosecution Inspectorate and the Care Quality Commission (30 January 2014)

An Inspection of Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre, undertaken jointly with Ofsted (25 November-6 December 2013)

Announced inspection of HMP Norwich (29 July–2 August, 19–23 August 2013)

Unannounced inspection of HMP Grendon (5 – 16 August 2013)

Updates to the 2012/13-2014/15 Corporate Plan and the Business Plan for the final year (2014/15)

Unannounced inspection of HMP Wayland (22 July – 2 August 2013)

Unannounced inspection of HMP/YOI Parc (9-19 July 2013)

Arolygiad dirybudd Carchar EM / Sefydliad Troseddwyr Ifanc y Parc (9-19 Gorffennaf 2013)