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A thematic inspection of close supervision centres and high security segregation (June 2006)

Women in prison: a literature review (2005)

A thematic review of race relations in prisons (December 2005)

Prisoners under escort (December 2004)

‘No problems – old and quiet’:older prisoners in England and Wales – a thematic review (14 December 2004)

Through the Prison Gate – a joint thematic review by HM Inspectorates of Prisons and Probation (2001)

Lifers – a joint thematic review by her majesty’s inspectorates of prisons and probation (1999)

Suicide is everyone’s concern: a thematic review (May 1999)

Young Prisoners – a thematic review by HM Chief Inspector of prisons for England and Wales (October 1997)

Women in prison: a thematic review (1996)