Tanveer Ali-Azhar - HR & Inspection Support

I work in HR & Inspection Support in the Secretariat at HMI Prisons. Secretariat staff work alongside inspectors to ensure the Inspectorate delivers its statutory requirements. Unlike the inspectors, my role, like the rest of the Secretariat, is primarily office based.

My day to day functions involve ensuring colleagues are up to date in their training, organising training sessions, taking calls from prisoners, responding to Freedom of Information requests (FOIs) and replying to queries from candidates (from any recent recruitment) or new starters. I also arrange secondment contracts and work on recruitment campaigns, and recently set up a Learning and Development committee.

I have mostly worked within the public sector. Before joining HMI Prisons, I worked in social care within local government. I was the point of contact between members of the public and social workers, ensuring that people with social care needs were having those needs met. I’ve also worked within the NHS as a Patient Access Coordinator and have had a brief stint in the third sector, at Healthwatch. I graduated with a BSc in Psychology.

Working in the public sector after leaving university allowed me to understand how it differs to the private sector, having worked in retail while in college. My colleagues here are so supportive and working with the team is immensely enjoyable and rewarding; everyone strives to deliver and no two days are the same!