Stakeholder survey

2022 stakeholder survey

Read the findings from the 2022 stakeholder survey (216 kB)

See the 2022 stakeholder survey results (Excel) (16 kB)

What is the stakeholder survey?

Each year we run a stakeholder survey. The purpose of this is to learn what our stakeholders think of the work we have undertaken that year. After the survey, the findings are analysed by our research team and shared with our Corporate Governance Board. They may also be used in our strategic business planning.

Through the stakeholder survey, we can gather the views of a range of stakeholders. Stakeholders might work in these roles or settings:

  • directly with offenders, prisoners or detainees
  • in prisons or other places of detention
  • in managing services for offenders or detainees (e.g. escort, health, education)
  • on criminal justice or immigration policy

You might also be a stakeholder if you:

  • work for another inspectorate, an ombudsman or a regulator
  • work or volunteer for an independent monitoring body (e.g. IMB, ICV)
  • are an academic, researcher or student
  • are or have been a prisoner or detainee
  • are a family member or friend of a prisoner or detainee