Independent Reviews of Progress (IRPs)

Independent Reviews of Progress (IRPs) are a new type of prison visit, which began in April 2019. They were developed because Ministers wanted an independent assessment of how far prisons had implemented HMI Prisons’ recommendations following particularly concerning prison inspections.

IRPs are not inspections and do not result in new judgements against our healthy prison tests. Rather they judge progress being made against the key recommendations made at the previous inspection. The visits are announced and happen eight to 12 months after the original inspection. They last 2.5 days and involve a comparatively small team. Reports are published within 25 working days of the end of the visit.

We conduct 15 to 20 IRPs each year. HM Chief Inspector of Prisons selects sites for IRPs based on previous healthy prison test assessments and a range of other factors. See the list of announced IRP visits (61.10 kB).

For more information, please see our guide to IRPs for prison staff (400.95 kB).

Further information about the methodology for IRPs and how to conduct them is contained in our guide to IRPs for HMI Prisons staff (219.90 kB) and appendices (450.92 kB).