Consultation on Expectations for separation centres

HMI Prisons is currently consulting on its first set of Expectations for the treatment of and conditions for prisoners in separation centres. The Expectations have been developed independently and set out the criteria by which we inspect outcomes for prisoners in these centres. The Expectations incorporate learning from inspections and other best practice and are underpinned by human rights treaties and standards.

After much deliberation we have developed five main tests: leadership, management of the centres, progression, safety and respect. We have thought carefully about the content of each test, and they are structured differently from our Expectations for men’s prisons to reflect the different context of separation centres, located as they are within the long-term high security establishment. We do not intend to judge provision within the wider prison – this will be assessed in separate inspection – but we will make judgements about access to services for men in the centres and whether this meets their risks and needs.

The public consultation will run from 25 November 2021 until 5 January 2022. We welcome comments on any aspect of the draft Expectations. Please provide the name of the organisation you are replying on behalf of (if applicable) and contact details for a named individual so that we can get back to you with any questions. All feedback should be returned by email to by Wednesday 5 January 2022. Please contact Caroline by email or call 020 7340 0500 if you have any questions or need any help responding to this consultation.

Draft Expectations for separation centres (Word) (269 kB)