HM Inspectorate of Prisons is currently consulting on our Expectations for UK Armed Forces Service Custody Facilities (SCFs) and the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC). These two sets of Expectations have been developed independently and set out the criteria by which we propose to inspect outcomes for detainees held in these establishments. The Expectations are underpinned by human rights treaties and standards.

We have revised both sets of Expectations so that we can continue to fulfil our responsibility to deliver independent and objective assessments of outcomes for detainees held in military detention. The revision follows consultation with a range of stakeholders, including detainees held at the MCTC.

The SCF expectations have been amended to make it easier to follow a detainee’s journey through from initial arrest to release or subsequent transfer to the MCTC.

For the MCTC, we have retained four healthy establishment tests – safety, respect, purposeful activity and rehabilitation and release planning. Rehabilitation and release planning is the new name for ‘Resettlement’, as it more accurately describes the content of that test.

We have thought carefully about the content of each test and made changes to reflect the particular challenges of military detention. For example, the MCTC holds men, women and children, so the revised Expectations have been revised to focus more clearly on the needs of these distinct groups. Previous inspections have identified shortcomings in public protection arrangements, so there is an increased focus on the risk of serious harm that a minority of detainees can represent on release. There is also a clearer focus on the different destinations for detainees upon release. Many return to the services, but others need support as they face discharge and life back in the community.

We hope that the updates we have made to these Expectations will lead to improved outcomes for detainees.

How to give feedback

We welcome comments on any aspect of the draft Expectations for either the SCFs or the MCTC. We have provided Word copies of both sets of Expectations so that you can make comments or suggest changes in the document. We recognise that it is often easier to provide feedback in this way.

If you are commenting on or suggesting changes to the draft Expectations document, please use ‘track changes’ as this allows us to easily see all of your suggestions.

Please provide the name of the organisation you are replying on behalf of (if applicable) and the contact details for a named individual so that we can get back to you with any questions.

All feedback should be returned by email to by midday on Monday 1 March 2021. Please contact Jonathan by email or call 020 7340 0500 if you have any questions or need help to complete this consultation.

Draft Expectations for Service Custody Facilities (Word file) (227 kB)

Draft Expectations for Military Corrective Training Centre (Word file) (318 kB)