HMI Prisons seeking feedback on military custody

HMI Prisons would like to speak to any serving or former service personnel who have spent time in UK military custody in the last two years, either in short-term Service Custody Facilities situated around the UK or at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) in Colchester.

HMI Prisons has inspected UK military custody facilities since 2004. We carry out our inspections by agreement with the Ministry of Defence but we are independent of the Ministry and of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. We report on whether detainees are held safely and treated with respect. We also consider whether detainees are able to access education and training and whether they are prepared well for their release, either back into the Armed Services or into the community.

We use our own written set of standards (Expectations) to carry out these inspections. We are currently reviewing our military custody Expectations and an important part of the review is to speak with those who have been detained in the MCTC or in a Service Custody Facility. We are therefore inviting anyone detained in the last two years, and any other interested parties, to contact us to share their views and observations on their time in detention. If you get in touch, your views will be treated confidentially.

Please email by 27 March 2020 if you would like to share your opinions.