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Changes to bail legislation in 2017 led to potentially increased risk to victims and uncertainty for suspects, a joint inspection by HMICFRS and HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate has found.

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In March 2020 we suspended all inspection work requiring appreciable contributions from police forces and fire and rescue services, to enable them to focus on the COVID-19 response. We resumed inspections in September.

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In October 2020, the Home Secretary commissioned HMICFRS to inspect how effectively the police manage protests.

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Collaboration between police forces when done well can save money, reduce bureaucracy and improve efficiency and effectiveness. However, too many police collaborations are failing, or not giving the results they should. This is costing forces money, time and effort, we said in a report published today.

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Many police forces across England and Wales collaborate with neighbouring forces to share resources and core functions. This report sets out our findings on how forces collaborate in order to provide better, more efficient services to the public.

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The importance of how roads in England and Wales are policed has diminished, according to a report by HMICFRS.

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In this inspection we examined how effectively the road network of England and Wales is policed.

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On 18 March 2020, HMICFRS suspended all inspection work requiring contributions from police forces and fire and rescue services, to enable them to focus on their vital work in response to COVID-19. We are now planning to resume appreciable inspection activity, with a focus on supporting fire and rescue, policing and the criminal justice system as they continue to respond to the pandemic.

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This consultation is now closed. This revised consultation on HMICFRS’s policing inspection programme and framework replaced the original consultation which was launched in March 2020. This new consultation took into account changes due to COVID-19.

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The control room is one of the engine rooms of a police force. If it doesn’t have the right systems and processes in place, the force won’t have an accurate picture of demand. This will affect its ability to respond to calls and investigate crimes effectively.

In this report, our findings highlight the challenges that the police service face in handling calls with smaller budgets and fewer people.