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Publication  —  Undercover Policing  — 

Summary In June 2013, the Home Secretary commissioned HMIC to inspect the effectiveness of the arrangements in place in all police forces to carry out, manage and scrutinise undercover operations. Our inspection was to include all regional and national policing units, and the National Crime Agency. This was not an inquiry into the past events

News article  — 

A member of the public will receive a different response from the police for the same kind of crime or incident, depending on where they live, a report from HMIC found today.

Publication  — 

This report examines all 43 police forces in England and Wales. It looks at three principal aspects of day-to-day policing: the prevention of crime; how crime is investigated and offenders are brought to justice; and freeing up and using police time more efficiently (which includes the use of modern technology).

News article  — 

Police forces in England and Wales have met the financial challenge of the spending review – crime continues to fall, victim satisfaction is up, and forces are protecting their front line services as best they can, an HMIC report found today.

Publication  —  Value for money  — 

Summary The efficiency and effectiveness of the police depend on forces having the resources they need to prevent crime, catch criminals and keep communities safe. When the 20 percent reduction to the central government funding grant was announced in October 2010, HMIC committed to inspecting the forces’ responses, and the effect this is having on

Publication  —  Domestic abuse  — 

In September 2013, HMIC was commissioned by the Home Secretary to inspect the police response to domestic violence and abuse. This report found that, while most forces and police and crime commissioners said domestic abuse is a priority, this isn’t being translated into an operational reality.

Publication  —  Custody suites  — 

Summary This report is one of a series on police custody inspections carried out jointly by HMIC and HMI Prisons. The inspections look at strategy, treatment and conditions, individual rights and health care. They also make a key contribution to the United Kingdom’s response to its international obligation to ensure regular and independent inspection of

Publication  —  Data, Rape Monitoring Group  — 

On behalf of the Rape Monitoring Group, HMIC has published 43 force reports showing police data on how many rapes were recorded by the police in each force, and the outcomes.

Publication  —  Value for money  — 

Summary The Value for money (VfM) profiles provide comparative data on a wide range of policing activities. For instance: does your force spend more or less than other similar forces? Does it receive fewer or more 999 calls? How does the crime rate differ from other force areas? It is important to note that the

Publication  —  Value for money inspection  — 

Summary In October 2010, the Government announced that central funding to the Police Service in England and Wales would reduce by 20% in the four years between March 2011 and March 2015. HMIC’s Valuing the Police Programme has tracked how forces are planning to make savings to meet this budget demand each year since summer