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HMICFRS has been commissioned by the Northern Ireland Minister of Justice, Naomi Long, to inspect the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s handling of the funeral of Bobby Storey.

Publication  —  Letter  — 

The Minister of Justice Northern Ireland wrote to HMI Matt Parr to commission an inspection of the efficiency and effectiveness of the PSNI, in line with the requirements of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 1998.

Publication  —  Business Plans, Corporate documents, Inspection programmes  — 

This document provides details of HMICFRS’s inspection programme and framework for policing for 2020/21.

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The police’s response to protests needs to strike a better balance between the rights of protesters and the rights of local residents, businesses, and those who hold opposing views.

Publication  —  Protest  — 

On 21 September 2020, the Home Secretary commissioned us to conduct an inspection into how effectively the police manage protests. This followed several protests, by groups including Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matter and many others. In recent years, increasing amounts of police time and resources have been spent dealing with protests. In April and October

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In March 2020 we suspended all inspection work requiring appreciable contributions from police forces and fire and rescue services, to enable them to focus on the COVID-19 response. We resumed inspections in September.

Publication  —  Effectiveness, Efficiency, Legitimacy  — 

On 6 January 2020, the Department of Justice (Northern Ireland) commissioned us to complete an inspection of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. This inspection focused on the legitimacy of the service and provides an update on its effectiveness and efficiency.

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Following commission by the Department of Justice (Northern Ireland), we have today published a report looking at how well the Police Service of Northern Ireland treats its workforce and the people of Northern Ireland. The report also updates on the effectiveness and efficiency of the service.

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Chief Inspector of Constabulary: 43-force model needs reform; police need secure investment conditions to get ahead of crime; Home office hands-on policy necessary for efficiency

Publication  —  Annual reports  — 

This is Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary’s report to the Secretary of State under section 54(4A) of the Police Act 1996. It contains his assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of policing in England and Wales based on the inspections we carried out between May 2019 and March 2020.