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Publication  —  Force management statement  — 

A force management statement is a self-assessment that chief constables (and London equivalents) prepare and submit to HMICFRS each year. This is the template for police forces to use and guidance on how to complete it.

Publication  —  Effectiveness, Efficiency, Legitimacy, PEEL  — 

PEEL is HMICFRS’s assessment of police forces in England and Wales. PEEL stands for police effectiveness, efficiency, and legitimacy. This report sets out the findings for Northumbria Police.

News article  — 

HMICFRS has congratulated Northumbria Police on its performance.

News article  — 

Today we published the terms of reference for HMICFRS’s inspection of how effectively the criminal justice system meets the needs of victims.

Publication  —  Criminal justice joint inspections  — 

HMICFRS is conducting an inspection of how effectively the criminal justice system meets the needs of victims.

News article  — 

The police response to burglary, robbery and theft is not consistently good enough – and victims face a postcode lottery when it comes to how thoroughly officers might investigate crimes.

Publication  —  Spotlight  — 

This report focuses on the police response to serious acquisitive crime.

News article  — 

Today, we have published our policing inspection programme and framework for the three years from April 2022.

Publication  —  Business Plans, Consultations, Corporate documents, Inspection programmes  — 

We recently consulted on our proposed programme for policing inspections for the 3 years from April 2022. The purpose of this consultation was to make sure we continue to focus our inspection work on what matters most to the public.

Publication  —  Business Plans, Inspection programmes  — 

This document is HMICFRS’s inspection programme and framework for policing commencing April 2022.