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Publication  —  Child protection, Joint inspection  — 

Between February and March 2023, Care Inspectorate Wales, His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and Estyn carried out a joint inspection of the multi-agency response to keeping children and young people safe.

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Today, Care Inspectorate Wales published a review with findings from a joint inspection of multi-agency arrangements for keeping children and young people safe in Denbighshire.

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Today we have published a letter to the Home Secretary setting out the progress police forces have made so far against the 43 recommendations in our November vetting, misogyny and misconduct report. 

Publication  —  Correspondence, Integrity and corruption, Letter  — 

The Home Secretary commissioned HMICFRS to carry out an urgent review of progress on vetting and counter-corruption in England and Wales. This letter and annex set out our findings.

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Responses to the recommendations from the super-complaint report: ‘How the police respond to victims of sexual abuse when the victim is from an ethnic minority background and may be at risk of honour-based abuse’.

Publication  —  Coercive and controlling behaviour, Ethics and accountability, Honour-based violence, Super-complaint  — 

A report on the Tees Valley Inclusion Project super-complaint, about the police response to victims of sexual abuse from ethnic minority backgrounds who may be at risk of honour-based abuse

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The police response to online child sexual abuse and exploitation is too often leaving vulnerable children at risk – and allowing offenders to escape justice.

Publication  —  Research, Thematic inspection  — 

We examined how well police address serious youth violence to reduce violent crime involving young people.

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Today we published a report on how well the police tackle serious youth violence.

Publication  —  Research  — 

We commissioned User Voice to conduct research on the lived experience of those who have committed, and been on the receiving end, of serious youth violence.