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Police forces are unable to keep pace with technology when it comes to digital forensics – and there is a backlog of more than 25,000 devices waiting to be examined.

Publication  —  Digital, National report  — 

In this inspection, we examined the provision of digital forensics in police forces and regional organised crime units.

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Today we published the responses to the recommendations from ‘Police perpetrated domestic abuse: Report on the Centre for Women’s Justice super complaint’.

Publication  —  Domestic abuse, Ethics and accountability, Integrity and corruption, Super-complaint  — 

Today we published the responses to the report: Police perpetrated domestic abuse, a report on the Centre for Women’s Justice super-complaint

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Police vetting standards are not high enough and it is too easy for the wrong people to both join and stay in the police.   

Publication  —  Ethics and accountability, Integrity and corruption  — 

Following the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving police officer, the then Home Secretary commissioned HMICFRS under section 54(2B) of the Police Act 1996 to assess current vetting and counter-corruption capacity and capability in policing across England and Wales.

Publication  —  Ethics and accountability, Integrity and corruption  — 

HMICFRS carried out a thematic inspection of police vetting and counter corruption arrangements in England and Wales. This included improper and prejudicial behaviour and misconduct.

Publication  —  Force management statement  — 

A force management statement is a self-assessment that chief constables (and London equivalents) prepare and submit to HMICFRS each year. This is the template for police forces to use and guidance on how to complete it.

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Today, Ofsted published a report with findings from a joint targeted area inspection of the multi-agency response to the criminal exploitation of children in Cheshire East.

Publication  —  Child protection, Joint inspection  — 

Between 11 to 15 July 2022, Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services carried out a joint inspection of the multi-agency response to the criminal exploitation of children in Cheshire East.