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Publication  —  Letter, Revisit  — 

In December 2020, we reviewed Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service’s updated action plans for responding to its causes of concern. This letter sets out our assessment of these plans and next steps.

Publication  —  Letter, Revisit  — 

We made our second revisit to Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) virtually between 22 and 26 February 2021. This letter gives an update on our findings about progress against Gloucestershire FRS’s action plan.

Publication  —  Revisit  — 

In November 2020, we returned to review the progress the force has made in responding to the open recommendations from all three inspections that specifically relate to how the force protects vulnerable people.

Publication  —  Fire & rescue services, Letter, Revisit  — 

We conducted an inspection of the London Fire Brigade virtually between August and December 2020. As part of our inspection of what progress London Fire Brigade is making to implement the recommendations in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry’s Phase 1 report, we also considered the brigade’s progress to address the cause of concern we gave in our Round 1 inspection.