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As a result of this inspection, HMIC considers that the following measures are necessary to make sure NABIS is effective in assisting forces to fight crime. In order to maximise the effectiveness of NABIS, all forces should ensure their systems and processes are in line with these measures.

  • Forces should explicitly include NABIS within a strategic approach to firearms-related criminality. NABIS strategic intelligence and forensic information about linked incidents should be used alongside local intelligence, including any intelligence available from the management of lawfully held weapons.
  • Force OSPoCs should be managers who can ensure intelligence and investigative links are being made. Based on the experience of this inspection, it is better if the management of forces? NABIS processes rests in their intelligence or dedicated firearms crime investigation departments.
  • Through robust quality assurance mechanisms, forces should regularly monitor the end-to-end NABIS process to ensure compliance with the MOU. This should include managerial oversight and accountability for compliance.
  • Force systems and processes must be sufficiently robust to ensure that any ballistic item coming into police possession (irrespective of the point of entry) is considered against the MOU. There need to be sufficient measures (e.g. automated alerts or daily review of force systems) to ensure that ballistic items are not overlooked.Forces should limit the number of staff who can input data onto the NABIS database, as this reduces the number of people that need to be trained and would give greater consistency in the quality of submissions.
  • Forces should exploit, through their systems and processes, forensic opportunities from the recovery of ballistic items. This may provide evidence or intelligence leads for those investigating firearms criminality.

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NABIS is overseen by intelligence submissions undertaken in accordance with NABIS requirements. A new policy describing roles and responsibilities across force and collaborated force (Wiltshire, Avon and Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, and Gloucestershire) departments is drafted and undergoing consultation.

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Awaiting further update from the force.