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Cause of concern

South Yorkshire Police is failing to safeguard vulnerable victims fully, but particularly victims of domestic abuse at initial response and during the subsequent investigation. The force routinely fails to provide adequate domestic abuse safeguarding referrals, and poor quality information is being recorded from crime scenes. The threshold the force has for the allocation of specialist detectives to work on high-risk investigations is very high and the level of workload is also high within that team, which means the timeliness of investigations and safeguarding may be compromised.


To address this cause of concern, HMIC recommends that the force takes immediate steps to ensure that: • Response officers become more proficient in completing DASH risk assessments at initial response and that there is sufficient supervision to ensure that opportunities to safeguard vulnerable victims are not missed. • The force improves its investigation of cases involving vulnerable victims, particularly domestic abuse cases, by ensuring that officers and staff with the appropriate professional skills and experience investigate cases, and complex cases in particular, and have the capacity to provide the continuing safeguarding required, and that these investigations are supervised effectively and are recorded appropriately on force systems.

[on]2nd March 2017 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on]