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Cause of concern

The Metropolitan Police Service’s approach to protecting vulnerable people from harm and supporting victims is a cause of concern to HMIC. There are a range of shortcomings which, taken together, mean that the force is providing a poor service to vulnerable people and putting victims at risk.


The force should immediately take steps to improve its services to vulnerable people by: • developing its understanding of the nature and scale of other vulnerabilities in the force area, such as missing and absent children and domestic abuse; • assuring itself that mental health incidents are being flagged as far as possible, to enable it to understand fully the demand that this presents; • ensuring that frontline officers have the awareness and knowledge required to recognise vulnerability in all its forms; • improving the completion rate, quality and supervision of DASH forms; • understanding why training gaps remain in specialist teams and considering how best to respond to these; • improving the uptake of training for specialist investigation where this is available; • increasing the use of Domestic Abuse Protection Orders, Domestic Abuse Prevention Notices, and Clare’s Law; and • improving the consistency of the structure, responsibilities and processes in the multi-agency safeguarding hubs.

[on]2nd March 2017 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]2nd August 2018 [comment]


[/comment][/on][on]6th August 2018 [status]being-progressed[/status][/on][on]6th August 2018 [comment]

The MPS Safeguarding Dashboard for mental health is now complete and will go-live by the end of July 2018 at the latest. Work has been taken to expand the ability to expand on information relating to mental health on both Merlin and NSPIS.A piece of work was completed in May 2018 to better understand the costs and demands for policing mental health in London. This has been presented to strategic partners through the London Mental Health Transformation Board and MOPAC. Work is currently being undertaken to clarify how high intensity/hiogh frequency service users with MH will be captured on MPS databases in relation to the SIM London programme. Within the structures for the BCU model, new BCU Mental Health Teams will focus on prevention and intervention, ensuring the individuals are flagged and managed appropriately in a partnership setting. As with the previous update, MiPS will provide the 'golden nominal' solution to collate all reports flagged against individuals known to experience mental disorder.