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These training events that the constabulary introduced are not mandatory but rather on a first-come-first-served basis and, as a result, some officers have not attended such events in years. Moreover, the constabulary does not have any arrangements in place for recording the training courses and dates undertaken by individual officers and staff. This is leading to inconsistent levels of knowledge in frontline officers and staff, which is reflected both in their disparate approaches to safeguarding and the varying outcomes for children.

In addition, the constabulary has incorporated training days (which take place once every ten weeks) into the shift patterns of frontline teams. However, we found these training days are not being used to best effect; some officers we spoke with indicated


Within three months, Lancashire Constabulary should put in place arrangements which ensure that it has clear governance structures to monitor child protection practices, across both non-specialist and specialist units. The constabulary should then provide officers and staff with a clear understanding of what good service looks like and the standards it expects, and begin to develop a performance management framework that will operate to achieve consistent standards of service.

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The Constabulary has an action plan in place to address all the recommendations from the NCPI. This plan has been reviewed by HMICFRS NCPI team. There is a local governance framework in place and the HMICFRS Board meeting, which is chaired by the DCC/ACC, holds senior leaders and plan owners to account for progress against the plans. Recommendation being progressed.

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