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Shortage of investigators

We found that the police service has 17 percent fewer investigators than it needs. Most forces have a substantial shortage in qualified detectives and other investigators. This constitutes a continuing national crisis.
It will take time to address this crisis. The National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on investigative resilience has made a strong start in analysing why this is the case. He has also recommended what national bodies and individual forces should do about it.

It is vital that all chief constables act on these recommendations so that there is a nationally co-ordinated and planned response. We will keep monitoring the extent to which investigative capacity and capability meet demand in the integrated PEEL assessment in 2018.

Recommendation 2

By September 2018, all forces with a shortage in qualified detectives and/or other investigators should develop an action plan. The plan should set out in detail what the force will do to address the shortage in the short, medium and long term. It should be in line with the national plan to develop investigative capacity and capability that all chief constables in England and Wales have agreed.

This plan should draw on the information in the force management statement about:

• the investigative demand the force expects to face in the next four years; and • how the force will change and improve the condition, capacity, capability, serviceability, performance and security of supply of its workforce and other assets to cope with that demand.

To make sure the plans are consistent, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on investigative resilience has agreed to provide advice on the areas each plan should cover by April 2018.

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Detective establishment and strength is detailed within the Investigation section of the FMS. Strength remains approximately 200 fewer than establishment. (See p53 for detectives and 53-54 for fuller details of investigative capacity.)

To address the shortage of detectives GMP has brought in-house recruitment for the Initial Crime Investigator Development Programme (ICIDP). This now runs locally on a rolling basis, together with preparation for the National Investigators Exam. As a result GMP applicants are passing the NIE at higher rates than the average for E&W and higher than all but two other forces.

GMP has a Detective Resourcing Board to manage these matters and manage things to make the best use of the detective strength it has. GMP is currently consulting over 900 detectives in local Districts and Public Protection functions about changes to integrate their functions and teams to make best use of resources, following a trial project to bring PPU and CID resources into Districts as single teams.