The Royal Gibraltar Police inspection 2020

Published on: 11 May 2020

Publication types: Specialist inspection

Police Forces: Royal Gibraltar Police


In early 2019, we were invited to inspect the Royal Gibraltar Police by the Gibraltar Police Authority. This inspection took place in October 2019.

The first part of this report is about the progress the Royal Gibraltar Police has made since our 2016 inspection, focusing on:

  1. auditing of crime and incident recording;
  2. counting rules;
  3. supervisory oversight of investigations;
  4. policy and procedure around vulnerable and repeat victims;
  5. assessing risk and prioritising response;
  6. understanding the full range of demand;
  7. predicting future demand; and
  8. budgeting.

The second part of the report is a new inspection of the force’s legitimacy, including its ethical behaviour.

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The Royal Gibraltar Police inspection 2020 (PDF document)

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Royal Gibraltar Police – an inspection of leadership crime management demand and resources