NatCen Social Research: Victim Voice methodology


The views of victims of crime, and others who come into close contact with the police, are an important part of HMICFRS’ inspections of police forces.

HMICFRS commissioned NatCen Social Research to carry out research to inform the development of our methodology for including victims’ views in our inspections. There were three stages to the research:

  • a brief review of published research, relevant to asking the views of victims;
  • interviews with stakeholder professionals within HMICFRS, other inspectorates, police and third sector organisations working with victims of crime; and
  • interviews and a focus group with victims of crime.

The report combines learning from these three strands of research with methodological recommendations based on the expertise and experience of the NatCen research team.

The recommendations are focused mainly on victims but they can also be applied to engagement with other groups who have interactions with the police.

The report will inform HMICFRS and will also be useful to police forces in their engagement with victims and others coming into contact with the police. It includes a useful guide to making decisions on the most effective methodology for answering different types of questions, and the strengths and limitations of alternative approaches.

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